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Quotes about LilFest

"Where do you live and have concerts? I moved to Burlington IA and always followed your concerts near Chicago. I will come."  (Mount Vernon, Iowa is the answer! Nancy)
MaryAnn Bolan

Nancy Freeman is a creative catalyst, producing dozens of house concerts and major musical events. She also is the founder of LilFest, a performance concept that delivers unforgettable, interactive experiences for musicians with their audiences. Now based out of the picturesque and culturally vibrant Mt. Vernon, she shares her passion about bringing some of America’s best musicians in contact with appreciative audiences, and developing a vibrant indie folk music scene in the Heartland. This spring’s line-up includes The Sweet Potatoes, Eric Taylor and Mt. Vernon’s own Phil Heywood, returning from his new hometown, Minneapolis
John Busbee, The Culture Buzz on KFMG 98.9 FM, Des Moines

About the Uptown Theatre in Mount Vernon's Community Center-- "The acoustics in The Uptown Theatre are fabulous. It's effortless to sing with the sound is this good."
Claudia Nygaard, Nashville

"It was really nice meeting you, and I hope we can stay in touch.  You seem like a well of awesomeness and I'd love to hear more great stories and such."
David Moss, showcase artist, 2015 FAI

"I feel like Franz Schubert or something! This room is great."
Pete Kennedy

"I love playing this room. I play differently because you can hear every nuance!"
Lloyd Maines

"You know all the best people, Nancy."
Andy White 

"All because of you mentioning them as one of your house concerts a couple of times, I'm taking my son who is in school at Tufts to see Antje Duvekot and Richard Shindell tonight in Somerville, Massachusetts!!  We were walking along the street and I saw Antje's name on the Marquee of the local Somerville Theater.  So it drew me to the ticket window like a magnet, the way your house concerts drew me before I unceremoniously moved to San Francisco.
Without you, we would not be going! So Thank you. Even though I now live in San Francisco, fond memories of enjoying great music at your house concerts live on in my mind!"
Michael Pierce

"I think what you are doing for music is absolutely wonderful. You probably don't hear this enough, but it's people like you who keep the music alive, and help make it accessible to all the listeners. I saw that cool t-shirt with all the names of the people who've performed at LilFest over the years... how totally cool!" -Sue Fink

"Nancy, you're a true impresario.  You're very effective at teaching others to love what you love."  Stuart Rosenberg

(and for all the people who read this, what I’ve done isn’t really all that hard. I’m happy to consult with others to facilitate live music in your own community! -Nancy)

LilFest Bear

What is LilFest?

Deeply rooted songs and stories of passion and power for our modern lives.

 About Lilfest

LilFest is a presenter of deeply rooted songs and stories of passion and power in many different genre's at many different venues in three states: Illinois, Iowa and New York  -- from private parties to SPACE and the Orrington Hotel in Evanston to Fitzgerald's in Berwyn, KVCC in Keene Valley, the Meadowbrook Gazebo in Mt. Vernon, International and Regional Folk Alliance Conferences in Memphis, Nashville, Toronto, Montreal, Austin, and many more

LilFest History and Founder's Biography read on...

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 Nancy's Birthday Tribute From Chad and Jeremy

Chad and Jeremy

Chand & Jeremy Tribute to Nancy

Chad and Jeremy 2
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A Pre-Release Offer!

Naked Key ArtistIf you like fine piano playing, if you like jazz, blues or songwriting, if you like the harpsichord…. order these CD’s:

TRANSPARENCY, the songs with lyrics &
NAKED KEYS, the á cappella harpsichord pieces.
A few tasty comments about the harpsichord:
The harpsichord is made almost entirely of wood
Every part of the instrument vibrates when a string is plucked
Plucked, you say? Yes.  A piano is hammered - a percussion instrument.  A harpsichord is plucked. It's a string instrument which blends with other strings.

Pre-sale: Transparency CD @ $15.00
Pre-sale: Naked Keys CD @ $15.00
There will be vinyl available also, after the summer.
Pre-sale: Transparency Vinyl @ $20.00
Pre-sale: Naked Keys Vinyl @$20.00

Tell us exactly what you want, then:
Send a check made out to LilFest to 1205 3rd Street SW, Mount Vernon, IA 52314 or PayPal at Be sure to include your full name and address.